Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision

I offer clinical supervision to mental health and addiction professionals working towards CAC/LAC/LPC licensure. My clinical experience comes from working in a correctional setting providing mental health treatment to individuals with co-occurring disorders. I utilize a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating CBT, ACT, trauma-informed care, relational-life therapy, narrative and attachment-based modalities. I specialize in addiction, trauma, co-occurring disorders, relationship issues, and grief and loss. I am particularly well-versed in mindfulness-based relapse prevention techniques, motivational interviewing, the 12 step traditions, and group therapy facilitation.


Helping other therapists learn and grow is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. Just like with our clients, we need to feel safe, secure, supported and seen in order to reach our greatest potential. I love to learn and I love to share my learning with others. It is through this collaboration and mutuality that we develop into highly-skilled, attuned counselors.


Quite simply, I love talking shop - clinical issues, theory, the therapeutic process, professional development, etc. It’s all good stuff! Please contact me to discuss your supervision needs and how we might best work together.  

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