Addiction Recovery Services 
Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Group

Mindfulness-based relapse prevention (MBRP) is a program integrating mindfulness practices and relapse prevention skills to help prevent or manage relapse from addiction. You will learn methods for coping with urges and cravings from alcohol and other drugs that might be triggers for relapse. 


No experience with meditation is necessary! Mindful awareness is an easy and accessible skill to learn and use, even if you have struggled with meditation practices in the past.

Mindfulness can provide a skillful way of coping with urges and craving that involves observing them, without being wiped out or consumed by them. Additionally, mindfulness provides a state of cognitive awareness in which one can more easily see the "big picture" instead of giving into one's usual conditioned and habitual behaviors. Finally, a mindful approach can help reduce the tendency of the mind to exacerbate negative emotional states, lowering the stigma, shame, blame, and guilt commonly experienced by people who struggle with addictive behaviors. 

MBRP is complementary to 12 step work or as a stand alone recovery program.

This group runs for 8 consecutive weeks and is limited to a maximum of 4 participants.  Sessions are 1 hour and held virtually. Cost: $350, and includes a private 30-minute coaching session.  


Next Session:

Tuesdays @ 9am starting June 1st- July 20th 

Tuesdays @ 12pm starting June 1st- July 20th 

Email me to sign up or request more information. Please indicate which day you are interested in. 

New sessions are starting all the time - email me to be kept informed of upcoming sessions.

Individual Counseling

Recovery is becoming a person increasingly capable of functioning in a healthy relationship; both to one's own-self and others. In individual treatment for recovery, harm reduction or relapse prevention, I act as both therapist and coach. We continue to work on the skills of emotional intelligence - increasing self-awareness, self-discipline, empathy and interpersonal skills.

Meditating Together

Addiction is often rooted in adverse childhood experiences (such as abuse, neglect, family history of mental illness or addiction, etc). Clients will explore trauma responses that contribute to their addictive cycles and construct a cohesive narrative that gives meaning to their earlier developmental experiences. 

Clients are encourage to regularly do therapeutic journaling, mindfulness meditation, movement and creative expression in between sessions.